Pi Wars

The Importance of Cable Management

Frostmite is a complicated robot with many cables. However, unfortunately when we were building frostmite the instructions were wrong which caused us to incorrectly wire the thunderborg and the raspberry pi to the power supply.

This resulted in us breaking the raspberry pi and both motor controllers. After we got another pi and motor controllers, we started to put frostmite back together piece by piece. After we had connected a piece of the robot, we triple checked it to make sure that it was right and that nothing would break before we moved onto the next piece.

Once the robot was assembled with all the new components and wires, we checked all the wires again to make sure that it was all correct and then we turned it one. Luckily, when we turned it on it all worked and nothing broke.

Next year, we will consider labelling our cables to make sure that they are connected to the right component.

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