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Mecanum wheels

Despite our overall success last year, especially in the obstacle course and autonomous maze challenge, we were less successful in PiNoon (aim to pop the opponent’s balloons first) and lost our balloons rather too quickly, thanks to the rival team’s small, agile robot.  To humiliate us further, the enemy was built by a team of primary school children so the defeat was mildly embarrassing, to say the least.

Determined to avoid a repeat of last year, we’ve invested in a set of brand new Mecanum wheels which, when used together, can move the robot from side to side as well as forwards and backwards, giving us the flexibility we lacked. The wheels consists of a set of 12 rollers at the circumference of the wheel, positioned at 45° to the centre, as pictured below.

Image result for mecanum wheel

In order to integrate these Mecanum wheels with Frostmite we had to purchase an additional Thunderborg which we used in conjunction with our existing Thunderborg and Ultraborg via a daisy chain arrangement. This didn’t go amazingly at first but once we got to grips with the cabling we were able to start writing the motor code, which is of course vital as all the challenges require the robot to move.

View our PiBorg forum post here: https://forum.piborg.org/node/2685

Results from PiWars 2018: https://piwars.org/2018-competition/results/

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